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Monday, February 22, 2010

Getting a driving license in Romania

This post has been inspird by a very nice post of Piglet in France.I found her blog while rambling over the net and loved it. Her post was about driving in France and the right priority rule :)) My post is related to driving, right priority rule in Romania and preparing for the driving license test.

Not only to take a driving license is a dreadful complicated thing, but learning for the test itself is boring and hard work, like the kind of hard work one has to put in a most important exam. You have 30 minutes to decide the right answer and u have to answer 26 questions .You can have only 4 mistakes ....

Until 3 years ago I was a proud pedestrian and used the car only when I was a passenger in a taxi. But I had to take my driving license because my husband insisted I had to and bought me a car so I couldn't avoid driving. Learning for the driving license test was hard, nasty and completely un-rewarding. Lots of signs and hundreads of hypotetical driving quizes, learning by heart all the driving rules in the Law Code... bla, bla, bla ...

I am proud to say that after 4 month of learning daily I passed the test with an A+ .... Oh, I was very happy and eager to start driving but I soon found out I had to face now a new nightmare- that of dealing with the Romanian trafic and Romanian men driving a car ( a human specie u don't wanna meet, trust me).

The photos below are only a fewbfrom the hundreds  the candidates  had to solve on subjects related to non-marked junctions and the order of engaging in crossing :))
Have fun looking at them :))
Now they don't seem complicated but at that time I was horrified and had to over learn the driving rules to get it right :))