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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

May Garden

Today it's been one of the most warm and beautiful days of this year. Considering last weekend it was heavily raining , today was paradise on earth: sun, warm weather, a bit of a nice sunny wind , so it was perfect time for some of our garden to start blooming.

Since we left Bucharest and moved here I started to "garden" and gardening has been growing on me a lot. I have learned everything from books, magazines, internet, friends etc , I have experimented and got to a personal equilibrum , earned through lots of hard work- I am a  hard working person but only for the things I like-the rest ( like bringing papers on time to the accountant,  ironing or using the vacuum cleaner) can go to hell.  

One of my personal projects I intended to carry on this spring was to take weekly photos of my favorites plants/flowers so I  could see their progress over the fast days of spring turning to summer. i didn't do it, of course ( mainly because my camera colapsed due to old and inefficient batteries; now I have to purchase some new ones but I have to go to the mall so.... I just postpone) . Today I've decided to take some shoots of my favorite flowers because some of them bloomed under our very eyes, starting to open in the morning and being fully opened by noon.I had to use my phone camera which is not my favorite cup of tea but ... you know, when there is no other alternative....  as soon as I replace the old camera rechargeable batteries I will try to take some really good photos. At least I did not miss the rose time, which here starts around  last week of May.

On 15 of May I will celebrate with hubby 18 years of marriage and 20 years of passionate love :) I wish all my roses would be open and ready to spread their fragrance but, alas, it won't happen. It is just to cold to be possible ( but it doesn't hurt to dream about it, right ?!) .

Japanese willow in the backyard

Mint, iris and hostas. This is the ever-growing mint I have been trying to destroy with no obvious result ....

Same Bearded Iris surrounded by mint.

Clematis Nelly Moser - I have two of them ( one hasn't bloomed yet). It should be in pink and white but this particular one has had so far only very light pale pink flowers. Maybe it happens because, unlike the other one, which  has a very bright mouve-pinkish hue , this one is staying in partial shade all day long .

First rose bud opened ! Rosa Parade ,climbing against an old apple tree.

View taken from the front door veranda. The house in the photo is not  our  house, but the one across the street. That is the apple tree where the Rosa Parade is climbing .
Violas are growing around the veranda ( this is where I plan to put my geranium, in case my husband will 'buy' the mosquitto thing ....).