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Friday, June 11, 2010

Loving ROSES

The people who know me know I am madly in love with gardening and especially with growing roses. 5 years ago, when we moved to the house we have been living in so far, I decided to make my own Sleeping Beauty -like garden,full of climbing roses,dark bushes and stunning clematis.... I think I have managed to make it up to my dreams but sometimes I wish I had stayed with a monotonous lawn with firs and some bright coloured annuals,like sunflowers ,because now the climbing roses are far to tall to be trimmed regularly and I can't even reach for the faded flowers. All the photos below are living proof for my words :)
- Yellow English Rose Graham Thomas, my husband's favourite.
Photo taken through the kitchen window,with climbing roses( New Dawn and Rosarium Uttersen in the back and Graham Thomas English Rose and the Japanese greenand white willow in the front).
This is where I love to have my daily cup of green tea .
Climbing Rosa Parade.It spreads in trees like a spider.:)
Thea Hybrid Double Delight. Great fragrance but the shrub itself is not so appealing as the detailed photo might look.

Climbing Kordes Rose"Ballerina". A wonderful climbing rose,with huge fragranced flowers.I oredered it 5 years ago,planted it on a pergola and it's been a divine summer companion blooming recurrently ever since.For some strange reason this rose is almost unknown to many cultivars and I wonder why..

This is the perfect symbol of my Romanian life-sun,shadows,roses and plenty of time to be happy inside my hidden treasure-garden. Not that this is a typical Romanian thing,but this is how I shaped my life -  I enjoy the luxury of working in my own small company,having time for myself ,my family,my pets and my garden. I don't struggle to be "competitive". I struggle to be independent and to indulge in little lovely things like making my own schedule, watching my favorites shows and reading my favorite books without having ANY boss except my own will. This is to me luxury- having time and being my own master.