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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Poor Rich Girl

There's no doubt Madame Miuccia Prada is a communist. I only suspect she has decided long ago to undermine the capitalist society from within. This is the only coherent enough conclusion if one sees her fashion and perfumery. She is producing crap just to cash in big money from stupid rich people and I don't think anyone should blame her ... Everything is ugly at Prada - the colours , the shapes, each and every item looks like it's made of garbage. Why would anyone actually pay for this ?1 Beats me !

It's been a long time since I last had such a good laugh like I did watching her Spring 2011 pret a porter collection ... Oh my god, poor human beings who would buy and wear  such monstrous clothings and shoes... When I was small, poor people, homeless ones looked like this, poor girls in the countriside wore such clothes, mixing disparities from their mothers, grand-mothers and the cheapest things they could get in the local village shop. It is not the aesthetics of the ugly, like in Baudelaire, but the aesthethics of the horrenduous. Does this woman hates women ? And if not , why would she want to see them dressed like that ?!  I cannot understand the appeal of these fashion items. Really, I have an art education, I love fashion but not these monstrosities, this is just crap for women who CANNOT assume their feminity !

But at the end of the day, Madame Prada looks just like this herself ( of course, she is congruent with her beliefs, she really is a comrade-woman with a visible moustache and an impossibe look that matches everything she sells) . What makes me laugh is the consumer of her so-called products. They certainly deserve each other . Please, don't preach me about inner beauty- this is fashion and I am NOT  a fan of the inner-beauty concept. A woman is either beautiful or not. A dress is either beautiful or not. Period. Ugliness does not count for being beutiful. At least not on this blog.

 Would you like to look like this ? If it were me I'd rather commit suicide !