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Hello, I am a woman who is writing, living and travelling in Europe, trying to make the most from her life without destroying anything. Mother, wife, employer, lover of fine things, art and culture. Things have been modernized over the last 10 years throughout the world - I haven't.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Finally Spring !

Today, during lunch break I met my husband downtown and we spent a lovely hour together, chit-chatting and having the first ice-cream on a terrace, for 2010. It was warm ,sunny and all in all, a perfect time to enjoy both the exquisite ice cream and the light, glowing air.

I had yoghurt ice cream with strawberries and he had a chocolate and mint one, with an expresso. Ah, it felt so good. ! Sometimes precious moments like this one, disguised in simplicity and casual ,can be so rewarding !  There was a Shakespear Theater Festival taking place and a Ford Exhibition in the plaza but frankly the ice cream and the lovely time beat them by far.