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Hello, I am a woman who is writing, living and travelling in Europe, trying to make the most from her life without destroying anything. Mother, wife, employer, lover of fine things, art and culture. Things have been modernized over the last 10 years throughout the world - I haven't.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Hm, it's been quite a long time.... The idea is I am not much of a blogger. I love reading good posts, I would like to have a nice blog but I just can't do it. It is useless, it does not bring in anything. And it's work. Why would I do it ?It's irrelevant! It is not literature, not art, not value - it is just a ' pretending".

So, I don't think I will come back to posting ( But who knows,maybe one day I will wake up thinking this is my call :)). I will just indulge in what other people write on their blogs ( I would like them to tell me why they do it and if they never feel it sooooo useless to export parts of your life like this).

Anyway,this is the reason of my non - posting: I just couldn't find the motivation for it anymore.