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Hello, I am a woman who is writing, living and travelling in Europe, trying to make the most from her life without destroying anything. Mother, wife, employer, lover of fine things, art and culture. Things have been modernized over the last 10 years throughout the world - I haven't.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Pizza, anyone? Coffee , anyone ? A nice suit, a rain coat or a hat ?!

There comes a time when selling pizzas, coffees and sweets doesn't pay off anymore... Imagine you are the owner of a small pizzeria or caffe  and you suddenly understand you cannot go on with it... What do you do ? You decide you can try selling clothes for a while and there you go, out the pizza shop and in the clothes! I have seen this while visiting a city in Transylvania and I couldn't resist to make a photo and post it here. They didn't bother to change the signs over the window and the front door ...